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Does your company already accept cryptocurrencies?

"Bitcoin Accepted here" offer large companies (such as Microsoft, Lieferando, Dell, etc.) Already on to their customers today.
Worldwide can be at approx. 260,000 business/acceptance points are paid for with the digital currency, every day there will be more. In Japan, Bitcoin is officially recognized as a currency.

Offer your customers today to pay with cryptocurrencies. Simple, fast and safe.

Your company is forward-looking and you feel addressed? We support you around crypto payment.

Bitcoin Bezahlung

We see our core competence in advising and setting up your payment terminal, where you can use various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash can accept as a means of payment.

After the payment process, the cryptocurrency received will be converted directly into USD and credited to your business account. As a result, you are not price fluctuations of Bitcoin etc. suspended and received exactly the amount of USD you want. In addition, of course, you can also have the desired cryptocurrency credited to you directly on your own wallet (digital wallet). A swap for USD is not necessary.

You can even combine the withdrawal options and can choose how to pay out, for example. 25% in Bitcoin and 75% in USD.

We are your partner on cryptocurrencies.

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