Bitcoin, the idea of ​​a currency that is managed on a decentralized basis and is internationally valid, has attracted many millions since its launch in 2008 ...



Bitcoin Mining is the new gold mining, as a miner, you earn digital money (bitcoins) for making computer power available ...


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Here we have created for you a short overview of the crypto exchanges. You can find information about fees and traded currencies.


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Buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies easily and simply. We'll show you how to buy your cryptocurrency.



Here you will find tutorials that allow you to get started in mining etc. We start by building a mining rig, creating our own tokens ....


Dear Community,

Cryptocurrencies are on everyone's lips, however, many people associate Bitcoin & Co. more with negative things, like money laundering or dark machinations.

But what's really behind it?

Coingeeks aims to drive awareness of this unique technology.

We would like to inform with our site and also allow beginners to enter the crypto world.

"Blockchain technology will revolutionize our world, we are now at the point like the Internet was 20 years ago."

In addition to our Facebook page, our Telegram Group and the homepage, we meet periodically to our Bitcoin regular tables to ensure lively exchange.
From young to old, from beginner to professional, all are welcome.

We would like to explicitly point out that we do not market or promote products. Our site and the meet-ups are for the sole purpose of exchanging information.

We appreciate every new crypto beginner and expert.

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Tutorials about Bitcoin & Co Tutorials on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are published here from time to time. The tutorials are aimed at beginners as well as advanced users. The hardware used in the tutorials, etc. we will link accordingly for you. This allows you to find the items conveniently and quickly if necessary and […]

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