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The quickest and easiest way to get cryptocurrency is, for example, the exchanges Coinbase or Bitpanda.
Here the fees are a little higher, but the registration is fast and you can pay immediately by credit card or bank transfer (lasts up to 2-3 days).

Where to buy which cryptocurrency can be seen below in our crypto exchanges overview.

With an account with one of the Exchanges, you also automatically have wallets for the bought currencies.

Create an account

Creating an account is similar on each exchange and is free of charge. You have to provide a number of personal data when registering and at the latest if you want to exchange your cryptocurrencies again in Fiat Money (Euro etc.), you still have to pass a KYC (Know Your Customer) exam, due to the Money Laundering Act. To do this, you have to scan and upload your identity card or driver's license, some even require a bank statement or other documents as proof of address.

For some exchanges, there is instead a video of idenditification via the mobile phone or the webcam on the computer. Here you talk via video chat with an employee and hold your identity card etc in the camera. It is required to rotate the ID in front of the camera in order to make the holograms visible, which is to ensure that the ID is genuine. Sounds elaborate but is done in a few minutes.

Now you can buy, sell, receive and ship cryptocurrencies.

If you want to buy other currencies that are not offered at Coinbase, such as: Iota, then you can get from your Coinbase account e.g. Send Ethereum to another exchange exchange like Binance, where you can exchange the Ethereum in iota. Of course, you still have to create an account with Binance. While this is a bit cumbersome, many professional trading platforms only accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. So in order to get clean, you need a stock exchange to accept the transfer or credit card, such as: Coinbase.

Click here to go toour tutorials where we explain how to set up a wallet and receive or ship cryptocurrencies.

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Selected crypto exchanges at a glance

(only an excerpt)
Ref-Link to the registrationCommentFees

register here for freeFor purchases up to 100 € no identification is needed, Netherlands

1,00 %

BinanceBTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, LTC, NEO, XLM, IOTA, EOS, DASH, XMR, TRXregister here for freeworlds biggest Exchange, Hong Kong

0,10 %

HuobiBTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, ETC, EOS, ADA, DASHregister here for freeChina

0,20 %

MercatoxBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ZRX, EOS, DASH, OMG, REP, ZEC, TRX, XRB, KINregister here for freeLondon

0,25 %

CoinbaseBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC, ZEC, ZRX, BATregister here for freeIf you deposit $ 100, you'll get $ 10, USA

1,49 %

HitBTCBTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, XEM, NEO, EOS, DASH, XMR, TRXregister here for freeHong Kong

0,10 %

 As of October 2018

Use a bonus at Coinbase!

Thanks to Coinbase, buying Bitcoins is easy. After a quick registration, you can buy the following currencies directly

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic

By deposit of $100 or more, you will receive $10 from Coinbase credited.

Use this link to Coinbase for the bonus.