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Here we collect useful links around the topic of cryptocurrencies. We are always grateful for suggestions and tips from you. Just leave a comment below.

Crypto Exchanges

Exchange Money

Anycoin, Netherlands
Binance, Hong Kong, 2nd place by trade volume, Germany
Bitfinex, Hong Kong, 9th place by trading volume
Bitpanda, Austria
Bitstamp, England, ranked 35th by trading volume
Bittrex, USA
Coinbase, United States
Coinbase Pro, USA, ranked 25th by trade volume
Cryptopia, New Zealand
HitBTC, Hong Kong, 8th place by trading volume
Huobi, Singapore, 4th place by trade volume
Kraken, USA, 24th place by trade volume
Mercatox, England
Shapeshift, Switzerland
VirWox, Austria



Hardwallets (hardware):
Ledger Nano S at Amazon
Ledger Blue at Amazon
Trezor at Amazon
Trezor T at Amazon
Keepkey at Amazon

Desktop wallet (software):

Web Wallets (Hot Wallets, Web Interface): (in conjunction with an Fidor Bank account)


Werkzeug Tools

Coinmarketcap overview of all cryptocurrencies, own watchlist
Coingecko overview of all cryptocurrencies
Bitinfocharts Ethereum Difficulty
Coinwarz Bitcoin Difficulty Bios Mods

Mining Profit Calculator

Mining Profit

Asicminervalue - for Asic Miner
Nicehash - for Asic Miner
Coinwarz - for almost all coins
Etherscan - for Ethereum
Cryptocompare - for BTC and Altcoins
Crypto-coinz - Asic, GPU, CPU
Crypt0zone - Asic, GPU, CPU

Portfolio Tracker

ICO-Data and News

ICO initial coin offering - very detailed data on current tokens - static tactics and data on ICO - up-to-date ICO news and info - Dates for upcoming ICO
Coinscalendar - Telegram chat group - ICO Market Analysis

Crypto News

Krypto News - largest forum in the crypto world - Forum News
Btc-Echo News
Bitcoinist News
Coindesk News
Coincierge News
Cointelegraph News


Bitcoin meeting - find bitcoin friends up close to you

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